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Fairmont Brine Processing Company


About Us

tower_one Fairmont Brine Processing, LLC is a closely held, multi-disciplined service provider to the oil & natural gas industry.  As the premiere environmentally responsible solution to the deep well injection of fluid produced from oil & natural gas operations, Fairmont Brine provides services to Exploration & Production companies throughout the Appalachian Basin ranging from the management of plowback and produced fluid created during the resource extraction process, recycle for re-use to aide in future drilling and hydraulic-fracturing operations and the production of sodium chloride rock salt, liquid calcium chloride and distilled water.


Our core staff has over 25 years of experience in Chemical, Petrochemical, Power, Gas Plants, Cogeneration Facilities, Waste-to-Energy, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, Food, Commercial, Manufacturing, Petroleum, Fine Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals, Wastewater Industries, Oil & Gas Operations and Water Management.

PATENT No.:  US 8,535,538 B1

NPDES No.:  01164086554

US EPA ID No.:  WVR00521948

AIR PERMIT No.:  R13-2794